St. John Vianney Roman Catholic Parish

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Our Supporters

Our Supporters

Advertisements can be purchased for local businesses in and around our community. If you’re interested in having your business featured on our bulletin and this website, please call LPi at (800) 950-9952. We appreciate your assistance in supporting our communication needs.

Thank you in advanced for your generous support and please patronize our advertisers listed below.

CNA Trucking
PO Box 153
Milo, ME 044630153
County Home Inspection
100 St John Rd
Fort Kent, ME 047432209
Daigle & Houghton Inc.
130 Market St Ste 101
Fort Kent, ME 04743
Daigle Oil Co.
155 W Main St
Fort Kent, ME 04743
Eagle Lake Grocery
PO Box 280
Eagle Lake, ME 047390280
Fish River Rural Health
PO Box 309
Eagle Lake, ME 04739
Forest Hill
194 E Main St
Fort Kent, ME 04743
Irving Woodlands LLC
1798 St John Rd
St John Plt, ME 04743
J.R.s. Firewood
711 Frenchville Rd
Fort Kent, ME 04743
JNP Carpentry
82 N Perley Brook Rd
Fort Kent, ME 04743
Living Innovations
273 Locust St Unit 2 C
Bangor, ME 03820
Michaud Well Drilling
13 Pelletier Ave
Frenchville, ME 04745
Roy Auto Parts
3 Market St Unit 1
Fort Kent, ME 04743
S.W. Collins
PO Box 70 6 Washburn St
Caribou, ME 04736
Tnt Road Company, Inc.
110 Charette Hill Rd
Fort Kent, ME 04743
United Insurancer
6 E Main St
Fort Kent, ME 04743
White Oak Inc.Nadeau Trucking
156 Main St
Saint Francis, ME 04774